BethelBiz Mentee Application

Applications for the 2018-2019 program Are due by the end of day on Friday, august 31st, 2018.

mentee interviews will take place IN-PERSON with linda


Interviews are for all mentees, even if previously a part of BethelBiz.
They are 10 minutes and need to be scheduled prior to submitting your application.

Sign up for a time slot by emailing Linda at

***There is a limited number of openings for the 2018-19 school year.

Mentee Requirements

  • Open to all Bethel Business, Economics, Political Science, and Communications students with priority to seniors, then juniors and sophomores (open to recent grads on exception).

  • Demonstrate strong ownership to the program, which includes: 

    • Attending the mandatory mentee training and the Mentorship Kick-off, Mid-year, and Year-End events

    • Creating specific goals for the mentorship

    • Initiating meetings with your mentor at least once a month and maintaining regular communication throughout the month

    • Providing timely responses to mentor’s emails/texts/phone calls (same day or within 24 hours)

    • Demonstrating commitment, enthusiasm, and appreciation by making the mentorship a high priority

  • Recognize having a mentor is a privilege. Acknowledge and express appreciation for your mentor's time, efforts and counsel.

  • Complete the application, sign up for an interview time here, and submit your resume (instructions will be given upon submittal).

Phone *
For meetings off-campus.
e.g. the job you want after you graduate and 5-10 year goals.
Please note: we are not always able to provide an exact match due to the number and fields of the mentors in the program.
Please be specific.
This is a competitive program and requires demonstration of academic achievement, leadership and a proven record of dedication to accomplishing goals.
Before submitting, please confirm your applicant status: *
You will be sent an email upon submittal. To complete your application, send your resume attached to the email provided.

Please contact Linda Goodwin if you have any questions at: