BethelBiz Mentorship Program


The BethelBiz Mentorship program pairs Bethel students in the fields of business, communications, and political science with successful Bethel alumnus and friends of Bethel who are passionate about helping their mentees to succeed at Bethel and, ultimately, in the professional world. Shared faith in Christ and mutual experiences at Bethel create a strong foundation for building a meaningful mentoring relationship. 


To foster relationships among students and alumni by encouraging them to discover their gifts, activate their potential, and fully realize their calling.

One of the most important aspects of the mentorship relationship is the opportunity for the mentees and mentors to discuss their faith. This aspect is Bethel’s handprint on the mentorship program and makes it distinctive compared to programs at other universities.
— Linda Goodwin

Become a Mentor

BethelBiz allows alumni to give back to Bethel by mentoring an elite group of students. Your shared faith in Jesus Christ, mutual experiences at Bethel, and professional experience provide a basis upon which you can build an impactful and meaningful relationship with your mentee.

 Who you are:

Developer: You understand the importance of molding future business men and women.

Relational: You foster close relationships with others, and leverage them to achieve goals.

Resource: You are energized by sharing your workplace experiences with the people around you.

Invested: You thrive on developing lasting connections.


Become a Mentee

BethelBiz presents you with the opportunity to enhance your communication skills and integrate faith into your academics and future career. In addition, you can receive honest and constructive feedback, and build a professional network while gaining perspective on long-term career planning. 

Who you are:

Proactive: You recognize and cultivate your potential.

Futuristic: You’re inspired by what the future could be, and are willing to do what it takes to pursue it.

Focused: You can take direction, follow through, and make the corrections necessary to stay on track. You prioritize, then act.

Positive: Your enthusiasm is contagious.